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Gamut Point Guardian: An Amazing Function of the Gamut Point and How to Incorporate It Into Your Sessions

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By Karin Davidson
Media, Pennsylvania, US

Occasionally people will experience an inexplicable resurgence of symptoms they thought they had tapped away with EFT. But how can that happen? If the issue is truly gone and the blocked meridian(s) are open, how could the issue reappear? In an article by Grant McFetridge, it is explained how there are certain circumstances that could reverse the positive effects of EFT. For instance if someone is thinking about a previously “healed” issue during a crisis where they truly believe they are about to die, the previously cleared symptoms could return. Other practitioners think there are additional traumatic circumstances that could nullify the work done with EFT.

The good news is that this can all be avoided by usingthe Gamut point in a profoundly different and simple way.

The Gamut Point has always been considered as important and in fact, many practitioners use the “9-point Gamut Procedure” at the end of all issues to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain. However, we have now found that if you close a session (or issue) by using the Gamut (on the meridian Triple Warmer, in Acupuncturist terms,) in a specific and different way you can avoid ever having an issue reappear.

Here’s how:

At the end of the session and/or the end of “clearing” an event: When you are certain you are done, tap on the Gamut Point for three minutes while going over the cognitive shifts and the learning that just occurred during the session. Then express thanks that this occurred and the desired clearing has been accomplished.

Use The 3 F’s to fill the three minutes and keep focused:

1) Facts: Go over what happened during the session. Briefly review the cleared event(s) as you would when you are testing to make sure all has been cleared.
2) Feelings: I WAS feeling that and NOW I’m feeling this (calm, relaxed, relieved, hopeful, etc.).
3) Field: (The first four statements below are adapted from Sandi Radomski’s Ask and Receive method (

There are parts of my being that have been healed by our work today
There are parts of my being that haven’t been healed
Those parts are willing to learn from the parts that have
My mind, body, spirit and field are receiving the information now – whether I believe it or not, or feel it or not
The information transfer is now complete
I understand that I am healed throughout all my history, my ancestral line, my core beliefs, my soul beliefs, the cellular level and my energy field.
I am also healed throughout my personal matrix and all ECHOS (Energetic Consciousness Holograms) related to this, including the original learning of it, all my past generations and my future. I am grateful that all of this is healed and released now. New neural pathways.
I thank all involved including myself and the Universe/God/etc. I’m grateful. Thank you.

The Gamut Point is on the Triple Warmer Meridian.

  • The functions of Triple Warmer control all the transformations of Qi in the body, ensuring their coordination and unity. “Triple Warmer is related to sustaining habits – it uses a military kind of approach. It can undermine changes, even positive changes. Triple Warmer fights the change. If you press/rub on the gamut, it lessens the resistance.” (from Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine Volume I Diagnosis & Treatment)
  • “Pressing or lightly tapping on the gamut point helps lower the resistance to the change and, if you lay your hand flat on your chest and use the other hand to tap on the gamut point, it calms Triple Warmer to accept change. There are four meridians that sit with Triple Warmer and it calms them all to accept change – including the heart. It calms anxiety and blood pressure down as well. This also assists in the flow in body called the “penetrating flow” which travels deep through the body.” (from Donna Eden–Energy Medicine at

By using this simple process to end a session (whether on yourself or with a client,) you could prevent a potential resurgence down the road. Three minutes is a great investment of your time to make sure a cleared event never returns.

Karin Davidson is an AAMET EFT Trainer, Matrix Reimprinting Trainer and  Co-author of the EFT Levels Comprehensive Resources. More about Karin: and

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